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NOTE: For spherical panorama use equidistant mapping. For cylindrical panorama use standard pictures with 360 deg. in horizontal orientation.

Program FDProjection can use two type of pictures – cylindrical and spherical. Cylindrical photos can be made in simply way – even using simple compact cameras (with horizontal panorama’s function – 360 degrees). Even when camera have only horizontal panorama’s function – 180 degrees or none it is possible to complete panorama with separate pictures using any graphic program (these picures can be connected to full 360 degrees panorama photo).

Spherical photos can be correctly read by program only in equidistant mapping (cylindrical). They require special technics of made and programs but they are much better, very effective and better presenting image’s space.


Example of spherical photo below:

spherical photo

Example of cylindrical photo below:

cylindrical panorama