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NOTE: For spherical panorama use equidistant mapping. For cylindrical panorama use standard pictures with 360 deg. in horizontal orientation.

Loading textures (photos)

All photos must be placed in “textures” folder. Button “Browse” is for selecting pictures. After select user can press “Accept texture name” button. New photo will be loaded.

Geographical orientation

All photos should be oriented to North direction. To do this user can use “Rotate to N – (deg.: 0.00)” button. When you press it, you move the panorama to (or towards) where is the north. In the ON mode is visible white ball in the middle of the screen. After determination of the north, turn off the button. On the button, you will see the current direction of panorama in degrees.

Drawing doors

First press “Draw door” button, after that you can draw “door” to other panorama. Click the left mouse button in the pan and then move the cursor to the shape of the door which will be right for you and release the mouse button. The geometry of the door is adapted to the panorama view of both types (spherical or cylindrical). If the door will be drawn incorrectly you can repeat the drawing of the door in the ON mode. When the shape and position of the doors will be correct press “Save door” button. It is possible at any time to delete the previously drawn door. Press the “Delete door” and then click on the selected door. Maximum number of door is 20.

Door opacity

It is possible to make an invisible door or set the invisibility parameter for each door – from 0 to 1, e.g.: 0.5 .

Selecting panorama

To select a panorama, use the “BACK VIEW BUTTON“, “NEXT VIEW BUTTON” or near button “Go to view (nr):” and enter the number of pan and use it.

Writing name of view

In the administration panel, select the panorama using the appropriate buttons. If you have selected panorama in the field labeled “Enter name of panorama (view) …“, type a new name for the pan and press the “Accept name of view“. Number, panorama’s name and file name of photo is visible above text box. The maximum number of panoramas is 1000.

Connecting door with another panorama

First, press the “Select door” and then choose a door by clicking on them. Next in the text box labeled “Enter name of panorama …” enter the name of the panorama for selected door and then you have to press the “Connect door with view (name)“.

Positioning view

There are three modes of positioning panorama:

  • Local position (depending on the id of the page element); to select this type of positioning, check the box next to “Local position name” and then type in the text box (near) name of the id of the element on the page to which you want to add panorama. Be sure to include the width and height of view.
  • Absolute position, depending on user-specified position, to select it, check box next to “Absolute position” and fill in X, Y, width and height.
  • Central position, that is just in the middle of the browser window, to select it, check box next to “Center position of view” and fill in the width and height.

Save and load view

Use button “Save all data” to save your data (panoramas, doors, dimensions). Save file name must remain unchanged – “pview_data.txt” and in “saved_data” folder. Press “Load all data” to read “pview_data.txt” file. When a user loads a page configuration will load automatically. If a menu is available another button next to the “Load all data” is visible – you can use it to load any selected file from the panorama.

Additional information visible in the administration panel

When the cursor is in the door zone or while editing them in the upper part of panel, user can see information about the currently recognized door with their number and the currently selected door. Visible is also the current direction of the camera in degrees and the number remaining to draw the door. In the text box with name of the view for selected door may appear text (if name of panorama for door has been previously entered).

Administration panel – overview
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