General information

FDProjection – panorama viewer. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


Product information

FDProjection is a simple tool for viewing cylindrical and spherical panorama and also for building relations between views using doors. FDProjection have a simple administrator panel – no need to code.

No plugin’s needed!

User must only add in HTML code two lines: with other base library as main background script (Three.js – to download from home page – see start-up) and second javascript file – FDProjection program. Only new technologies – WebGL and HTML5.

Currently, all major web browsers use the WebGL technology. Some of them use it for a long time.

Key capabilities:

  • Displaying spherical and cylidrical panoramas
  • Building doors for entering to another view (with spherical geometry)
  • Additional text information on door’s surface
  • Geographical orientation of panorama (N/S)
  • Build in compass
  • Administration panel
  • High precision movement of panorama (pixel to pixel)
  • Zoom
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Autorotate
  • Simple structure of data (save / data file)
  • Simple positioning of panoramas by admin’s panel
  • No need to code when building relations between views


Prepare your spherical or cylindrical photos (in “textures” folder)

Run FDProjection program

Set photo directions and connections with doors

Save configuration file (put file in “saved_data” folder)

Place completed project on server 🙂